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Reasons to setup your business in dubai

Top areas to setup your business in dubai

Dubai is one among the 7 emirates which is an excellent place to begin your journey towards your dream (starting your own business). There are countless benefits of opening a company in Dubai, and this has led to increasing foreign investment. Dubai opened the gates for foreign investment in many business sectors from all around the globe, and this benefitted both the government and the foreign businesses.

Do you envisage yourself as a successful entrepreneur? If so, Dubai has some excellent features that most business destinations lack. You Can Set Up A Business In Dubai And Take Its Success To The Skies.

Let's Take A Look At Why Business Setup In Dubai?

Outstanding economic growth

Dubai, With Its Economic Growth Rate, Outshines Every Other Business Hub In The World. This Has Been Achieved By The Emirates Government Introducing Innovative Measures. The Emirates Government Also Supports Ambitious Entrepreneurs, It Is The Perfect Place For Investment In Plenty Of Sectors. You are free to choose a field and establish your business in any jurisdiction of your choice

Diversified Focus, All other UAE Emirates, including Dubai, have shifted their focus away from oil and gas. Dubai Is Leading This Move. The Introduction Of The Green Visa And Golden Visa And Easing The Visa Processing Procedure Has Been A Boost To This Initiative. Offering Visas To Expats, Long-Term Visas, And Golden Visas To Business Owners And Investors Has Made Dubai The Most Sorted Location For Company Formation.

100% Ownership Of The Company

Earlier, the Business Setup In Dubai By A Foreigner Requires A Local Sponsor For A UAE National Who Owns 51% Of The Company's Shares. Finding the right partner and getting into an agreement is a tense process. This Has Been Stopping Many Investors From Starting A Company In Dubai. The Dubai government has waived the requirement for local sponsorship for business Setup in Dubai Mainland. As a result, any investor from anywhere in the world can establish a business in the Dubai Mainland with 100% ownership. This Has Led To A Rise In The Number Of Company Formations In Dubai. You Can Start Your Company Just By Providing The Required Documents And The Budget In Any Field And Jurisdiction Of Your Choice.

Robust Infrastructure

Without Proper Infrastructure, No Business Can Prosper No Business Hub Can Challenge Dubai's In Terms Of Infrastructure. Excellent public transportation systems; seamless connectivity; brilliantly designed business ecosystems; and workforce availability are a few things to be noted.

Geographic Advantage

Dubai, Sitting at the crossroads connecting East, West, North and South, Dubai provides a natural bridge between manufacturers, producers, and suppliers from all around the world. Both seaports and airports are situated in places that provide great connectivity to the outside world for ease of logistics movement.

Easy Business Setup Process

The Process Involved In Business Set Up In Dubai Is Simple. You Can Start Your Business In No Time If You Have All The Right Documents. Confused About The Business Setup Formalities In Dubai? We Are Here To Help You With Your Business Setup In Dubai. We have expert professionals with government connections in the UAE, making us the best business setup services company in the country.

Tax Free And With No Profit Repatriation

Tax-Free Is The Word That Most Business Owners Would Love To Hear. It Is Painful If A Major Portion Of Your Profit Goes To The Government In The Form Of Tax. Dubai Freezone Jurisdictions Offer 100% Tax Exemption. You Can Set Up A Business In The Freezone Of Your Choice And Make Profits.

Simple Visa Application Process

The process of obtaining a visa is easy if you are starting a business in Dubai. After you get your visa, you can rent or lease a property, travel from one emirate to another, or buy a vehicle.

Exceptional government support

Dubai actively encourages and provides safety to foreign investors. Furthermore, the UAE organises numerous events and launches business development initiatives.it keeps on amending the rules and regulations to ensure quality, advancement and increasing business opportunities.

Workforce availability

Dubai is shifting its focus from oil to other sectors. These sectors contribute almost 60% of Dubai's GDP. Moreover these sectors offer good employment oppurtunities.Dubai Allows The Recruitment Of Skilled Workers (expatriates)From Any Part Of The World. The availability of a workforce helps in setting up an efficient company.

Are You Looking To Set Up A Business In Dubai?

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