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ow to Choose a best business setup consultant

Dubai has abundant opportunities for foreign investors in fields like hospitality, import-export, tourism, real estate, infrastructure, e-commerce and many more. Dubai's government initiatives have made Dubai one of the most business-friendly cities in the world, and it's no wonder it's bursting with numerous business setup consultants. Some are good, some are better and some are worse, so finding the right business setup consultants in Dubai,UAE could be quite tough and tiring at times. No need to worry, we have got you covered. Below are a few tips to find out if your business is in the right hands.

Who are they and what do they do?

A business setup consulting firm provides end-to-end solutions, be it a start-up or an already established company . The primary goal of the consulting firm is to analyse and mitigate the problems that a client may face at any stage of their business. A Business Set Up Consultant makes sure that nothing hinders the inception or development of the company.

A business setup consultant with expertise in startup and company set up advisory can help you through the process of business set up in Dubai,UAE. You might not know what type of obstacles or hindrance encountered during the business set up process; they are the answers to your financial, legal, commercial and other problems. A business set-up consultant will suggest the right business structure you should employ (Mainland or Free Zone Business Set-Up) by considering the gains & advantages that the suggested business structure might provide for your company, depending on your requirements and initial investment.

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Why do you need a business setup consultant in Dubai?

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned entrepreneur, everyone chooses to delegate the responsibility to a business set-up consultant. This is because there are millions of things to take care of. Unawareness of the new laws and regulations, lack of time, and knowledge are a few of the reasons. The life of a business owner is not quite as easy as it seems, and they can't handle everything on their own and need a helping hand. The business consultant in Dubai will suggest the right company structure and jurisdiction that suit your needs, either free zone or mainland company formation.

Business owners from all over the world see Dubai as an ocean of opportunities to invest in, but what they cannot see is trouble stepping into uncharted waters. The UAE government encourages foreign direct investments in many business sectors. However, company formation in Dubai is bound by various legal departments and judicial bodies of the country.

Let's acknowledge it: you don't have enough expertise in local laws and business, private equity operations, and there is a lot to do with your business, so you need a local business consultant firm to commence your business setup process.

How many types of business consultancy are there in Dubai?

Different categories of business consulting firms exist in the UAE, which can help you navigate through uncharted waters. Business set consultants provide necessary advice and recommendations to identify the issues in your business, suggest solutions to improve them, and guide you through the entire process of company formation.

How to select the best business consultant in Dubai, UAE?

Solutions to business problems vary from business to business and depend on the industry operations, customer segmentation, the growth rate of the business and their short and long-term goals.

Investors are required to choose a business consultant who can understand their business nature and provide required consulting for their process.

Criteria to find best business consultant in Dubai, UAE

Here are a few things to look for in a business set up consultant

Extensive knowledge and expertise

They must have proven expertise in solving business complications and glitches. They should be a one-stop solution for all your business set-up requirements.


An experience gained from setting up your own business can’t be achieved by doing any job. A business consultant who has founded a business is aware of all the glitches of running a company right from execution of the idea to the growth phase. They already have abundant knowledge to tackle the issues in most of the functions of establishment including finance, human resources, business strategy, procurement, operations and administration.

The Laudable Business Network

A worthwhile network of contacts, including people from all types of businesses is important for a business consultant. Their strong connection will prove to be a great asset, especially in the initial stages of your business set-up process. Make sure to check the clientele base of the consultant and whether the enterprises that they have worked for are competent enough to handle your venture.

Phenomenal People Skills

The main attributes of a business consultant are exceptional oral and written communication skills. They must be capable enough to interpret the critical points of the clients' business and steer clear of any confusion. Clear communication is the one that brings you both on the same page.

In the know about the UAE market

A business consultant in Dubai should be aware of legal formalities, licencing requirements, business regulations, and other policies that are required to be followed for business set up in Dubai. Furthermore, ensure that your consultant has strong connections in government departments and associations, as this will simplify legal and regulatory procedures.

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