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Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Many service providers offer a competitive offshore package for your offshore incorporation in the UAE. Services such as operating your business, employing local staff, signing into agreements, renting office space, selling goods and corporate services, preparing contracts, and offering investments, taxation, and banking advice are all included in such packages.

Because UAE offshore incorporation necessitates the use of an agent, you will need to select one before registering your business. Any service provider's offshore package provides that the service provider's agent will function as a liaison between the newly formed offshore firm and the local government.

Why open an offshore company in Dubai?

The main benefit of forming an offshore company in Dubai is that it can deliver services outside of the Emirate without having to comply with certain regulations that apply to onshore enterprises. There are numerous other advantages to forming an offshore corporation in a Dubai free zone, including:

There are no capital gains taxes or profits repatriation taxes; full foreign ownership is permitted; only one shareholder and a director are required to register the company; any currency can be used as capital; there is no requirement to deposit the capital in a bank account; shareholders enjoy privacy.

Offshore companies in Dubai’s free zones

Dubai's free zones are home to offshore enterprises.

In certain free zones in Dubai, 100 % of ownership is available. Offshore enterprises offer a variety of advantages, including the following:

  • Offshore enterprises in Dubai are protected by double taxation agreements.
  • There is full access to a business-friendly legal system with inexpensive start-up costs.
  • The free zones in Dubai offer the opportunity to purchase real estate.
  • Those who own offshore enterprises have access to worldwide money.

If you have an offshore firm in Dubai, you can expand your market internationally.


  • Registration and renewal are both inexpensive.
  • Various commercial activities (allowed to combine many unrelated business activities)
  • It is not necessary to be present in person to register.


  • Doing business in the UAE is prohibited.
  • Visas for residents are not accepted.)
  • Opening a bank account takes longer and has additional criteria.

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