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Cheapest freelance licence in dubai

How to get cheapest freelance lincence in dubai

Are You Looking For Ways To Get The Most Affordable Freelance Licence In Dubai? A Freelance Licence In Dubai Lets You Work As You Wish And Offer Expert Services To Small Companies To Corporates In A Legal Way. With Changing Work Environment And Increasing "gig Economy" Many Foreigners And Investors Are Looking For A Freelance Licence In Dubai As It's Cost Effective And Accessible To Everyone.

Dubai Accounts For Over 65% Of Freelancer Licence Requests In The Uae. Below Are Things You Should Get To Know To Vail The Cheapest Freelance Licence In Dubai.

Be Your Own Boss

Working As Freelancer In Dubai You Don't Need To Work For Someone, You Are Your Own Boss. You're Alone Responsible For You, And You Can Work In A Way That Best Fits For You.

No Physical Office

Being A Freelancer In Dubai, You Don't Need A Physical Office, You Can Work From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Ability To Travel And Live In Any Place

Dubai Being One Of The Beautiful Places On Earth. Being A Freelancer In Dubai, You Have The Advantage Of Travelling To New Places As You Are Not Bound To Where Your Office Is Located.

Sponsor Family

With Freelancer Licence In Dubai You Can Sponsor Your Family By Yourself. But With A Condition That A Freelancer Must Have A Minimum Wage Of Aed 4000 Or Aed 300 Plus Accommodation. However, The Application Must Be Submitted Within 60 Days Of Freelance Licence Issuance.

Richer Career

As A Freelancer, You Are Not Limited To A Single Client. You Get To Work With Multiple Clients, Each Of Them With Separate Needs And Requirements. You Can Also Update Your Portfolio And Increase Your Career To Higher Levels Than An Average Salaried Person.

High Income

Having A Freelance Licence In Dubai Open Gates For A Better Work-life Balance And Higher Economic Standards. You Get Paid More Than An Average Salaried Person.

Applying For A Freelance Licence.

The Steps Involved In Applying For A Freelance Licence In Dubai Is Very Simple. For Any Investor Or Person Who Wants To Work As A Freelancer In Dubai Need To Apply For A Freelancer Permit Or Licence To Be Recorded As Freelancer In Any Emirates

Apply For The Licence

You Can Apply For Freelancer Licence In Dubai By Just Getting In Touch With Alhadif Business Setup. Alhadif Business Is A One-stop Solution For All Your Business Setup Needs.

Applying For Freelancer Visa

Once You Have Provided Us, The Documents That Are Required Will Start Working On Your Application. You Can Register For Freelancer Employment Visa Under Dda That Is Valid For Three Years.

Residency Visa Process Completion

After Completing A Freelancing Visa Application In Dubai, You Will Be Granted An Entry Level Visa Within 5-7 Working Days. After Obtaining Entry Level Licence (60 Days Validity) You Will Have To Finish Certain Residency Visa Process In Dubai. As Soon As Visa Process Are Complete You Will Get Residence Visa in Dubai even for investors is 2years

What Are The Documents Required For Freelance Licence:

Below Are The Documents Required To Obtain Freelance Licence In Dubai.

  • Passport Copy
  • One Passport-size Photograph
  • Current Valid Visa / Last Entry Stamp
  • Noc (no Objection Certificate) From The Sponsor (if Needed)

What Is The Cost Of Obtaining Freelance Licence In Dubai.

Cost Of Freelance Licence In Dubai Varies According To Which Free Zone And Location You Want To Register. The Price Range Starts From AED 9,999. There Can Be Additional Charges If You Require Licence From Dda.

Freelancer Licence Is Valid For 3 Years, Which Can Be Renewed Every 3 Years. The Total Cost Varies From Aed 10000 To Aed 25000 And Relies On Fa Tors Such As

Whether You Require A One Or Three Year Permit; You Require An Operational Visa To Work As A Sole Practitioner Or A Uae Residency Visa.

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