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Business partnership in dubai

Things to consider before getting to business patnership

“It is rare to find a business partner who is selfless. If you are lucky, it happens once in a lifetime.”

Partnerships are common in business these days, and for good reason. Sharing skills, knowledge, and financial assets can be incredibly beneficial for many of us . In many cases, business would not be viable without partnerships. Partnerships, on the other hand, have their own drawbacks, and it is never easy to find one who is on the same page as you.

Why Seek Business Partnerships In Dubai, UAE?

The main reason for seeking potential business partners in Dubai to run a company is for investment. Great business ideas are nothing without an investment. So, persuading a business partner who is not only willing to invest in your company but also believes in you and your idea is critical.

Another significant benefit of seeking business partners is that your partner may assist you in expanding your business into new and larger markets.

There are things to think about first before entering into a business partnership. The most important one is about you, and you need to be honest here.

Can you accept someone else having a say in every business decision?

This may sound a little odd, but this is especially true if you are used to running a business all by yourself. It can be a big step to hand over some of the controls to someone else. Make sure you are thinking over all the cons and pros before signing a business partnership agreement.

Do you know enough about your potential partners?

Do they possess the skills, knowledge, or things required to add to the business as you expect them to do? ... Be certain of all this before considering a partnership. Think about what you want your partners to achieve. What are each of you going to contribute and how will it impact the business and its growth.

The worst thing that can happen is internal friction between the team members during the early stages of the business.

After clearly analysing the potential partner, it's time to decide the structure of the business agreement. It is important to get the partnership contract ready and in place well before the business set-up process. This is because any issues between the partners can be resolved without any major complications in the business setup process.

Only Under pressure, a man's true self is revealed. Imagine your partner and you seeing a different approach to a specific challenge faced in your business. By the time disagreements are sorted, your business will be finished for good, even before it started. That is why a well-documented partnership agreement is important before any trouble occurs.

Start by asking yourself the below questions and getting answers from your partners to start building your business together.

Ownership and Role Assignment

The Partners' Percentage, Roles, and Responsibilities in the Company Should Be Clearly Defined.

Monetary Assets

People Must Decide On Financial Points Such As Salaries, Profit, Losses, And Reinvestment For Business Growth Before Partnering.


Here Comes The Most Important Part Of Your Business. These include hiring, managing employees, assignments and final decisions.

Financial Functions

Another Important Aspect Of Business Partnership In Dubai Is Banking. The partners must decide on financials, signatures, and loans.


Differences of opinion among partners or stakeholders may cause problems for your company. Partners Must Have A Solid Contract To Deal With The Company's Secrets.

Exit Or Death

When Either One Of The Partners Wishes To Exit, Get Passed Away, Or Retire, Then The Partners Must Decide On The Aspects Such As

  • The fate of his/her profit or share
  • Distribution of Pending Profit to Members of His/Her Family
  • The Onboarding of New Partners After Finalisation
  • Provision for Retirement
  • Changes to the Document

Prepare this well in advance so that you have a working solution to any challenges faced by your buisness. Allowing you to save time, money and focus on things which are important for your business growth.

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