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Understanding the Benefits of Starting a Logistics Business in Dubai

The UAE has a unique strategic location and geographical proximity to many key markets in the Middle East and Africa. The country’s ports are well-connected to key global shipping lanes, which allows for efficient transport of goods.

This is one of the main reasons why logistics and supply chain companies are focusing on this region, especially when it comes to providing services to global clients. Dubai’s geographical location is also another factor that makes it a strategic hub for logistics companies. With its proximity to Pakistan, India and Iran, the UAE is well positioned to serve these markets and offer competitive rates for both import and export operations.

Dubai is the most important commercial hub in the region, and with the advent of many companies in the UAE, there is a large prospective client market for your logistics company in Dubai.

Are you thinking of starting a logistics business in Dubai? Then this blog is for you. We have already discussed its pros and cons, what are the things to keep in mind and how much does it cost to set up a company.

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Logistics Company in Dubai?

The UAE has earned a reputation as one of the best places to start a logistics company because its culture is flourishing, making it more innovation friendly and business-friendly.

Following are some of the benefits you may reap:

Dubai's advanced technology and supportive administration have eliminated most of the paperwork required to start a logistics company.

Dubai’s cutting-edge infrastructure attracts many entrepreneurs around the world. The city also boasts excellent public transportation and telecommunications systems, as well as other amenities.

Dubai's strategic location connecting East, West, North and South allows manufacturers in Dubai to access suppliers from all over the globe. Airports and seaports also provide great connectivity within the city itself—as well as between it and other cities around the world.For years, the factors listed have promoted the growth of logistics activities in Dubai.

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken several steps in recent years to make it easier for foreign companies to do business there. For example, Dubai government officials recently announced the launch of a new initiative called "Dubai Global," which is designed to provide logistical support and expand operations into 30 markets around the world.

The UAE has a pool of skilled workers who have experience in management and operations.

Dubai offers foreign businesses a nearly tax-free environment, with the exception of value-added taxes (VAT) 5% on certain business activities.

Dubai's free zones allow you to own 100% of your logistics business.

Taxes imposed by the UAE government are not levied upon your logistics company in the Dubai mainland and free zones.

If you have all the relevant documents getting visa is simple and straight forward process. The new visa rules have made the foreign-dominated job market more adaptable by making it easier to get visas.

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